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Ebates Mobile Web Ebates, 2016


I had the opportunity to work on a project aimed at enhancing the user experience, improving core services, and building user loyalty. This project was essential in addressing several challenges and making the platform more user-friendly.


  • Usability Flaws

    The existing mobile web platform suffered from usability issues that made it less user-friendly. Users found it challenging to navigate the site and access the services they needed efficiently.

  • Contents Discoverability

    One of the main challenges was making content more discoverable for users. The platform contained a wealth of valuable offers and deals, but users were struggling to find them.

  • Non-Targeted Service

    The services offered were not as targeted as they could be, leading to less engagement and user satisfaction. Our goal was to enhance the core service, making it more personalized and engaging for every user.

Project Goals

  • Improve Usability

    Our primary objective was to improve the overall usability of the mobile web platform. We conducted thorough usability tests, gathered user feedback, and implemented design changes and optimizations to ensure a smoother and more intuitive user experience.

  • Enhance Core Service

    To address the issue of non-targeted services, we worked on enhancing the core service. This involved the implementation of personalization algorithms, allowing us to offer tailored deals and promotions to each user, increasing engagement and satisfaction.

  • Build User Loyalty

    Building user loyalty was a key goal for this project. We implemented features such as user accounts, notifications, and a rewards system to incentivize users to return to the platform regularly. This contributed to higher user retention and loyalty.


  • Redesigned the mobile web interface to improve overall usability and navigation.

  • Implemented a personalized recommendation system to provide users with customized deals and offers.

  • Introduced a user account system to enhance the overall user experience and build user loyalty.

  • Conducted A/B testing to evaluate the effectiveness of changes and made data-driven adjustments.

  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

The Ebates Mobile Web Redesign project in 2016 was a significant success. It addressed usability flaws, improved contents discoverability, and transformed the service into a more user-centric and targeted platform. The project not only improved user satisfaction but also contributed to increased user loyalty and engagement.

This project showcases my ability to identify usability issues, develop targeted solutions, and enhance user experiences. It highlights my skills as a developer who can work collaboratively in cross-functional teams to achieve the project's goals.

Old Interface Design


New Interface Design

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