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Ebates Website Ebates, 2017



Ebates, a platform that offers cashback rewards and the best online coupons and deals to its members, sought assistance in optimizing the user experience (UX) of its website. The primary focus was to improve conversions, enhance ease of use, and ensure the overall usability of the site.


The challenge

Ebates aimed to minimize the loss of potential users and expedite customer purchase decisions while maintaining a clean and visually appealing website. Additionally, the company aimed to enhance its brand value by providing a simple and user-friendly website experience.



  1. Facilitate easy and efficient discovery of brands and deals: The goal was to enable users to quickly find relevant brands and deals, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

  2. Reduce user churn: By improving the overall user experience, the objective was to minimize user churn and retain customers.



To address these objectives, several solutions were implemented. One approach was to present users with multiple deals categorized by themes such as trends, luxury brands, travel sites, and more. This categorization aimed to simplify the process of finding desired brands and deals, allowing users to access them easily and swiftly.

By implementing these solutions, Ebates aimed to enhance the usability of its website, streamline the shopping experience, and increase user satisfaction, ultimately driving conversions and reinforcing its brand value.

Old Interface Design


New Interface Design

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