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What is XPO?

XPO is a self-serve cloud marketing automation platform designed for advertising buyers. It enables marketers to connect with the right audience at the perfect moment, delivering personalized marketing messages in real-time. With advanced targeting and intuitive features, XPO empowers marketers to optimize campaigns for maximum impact and engagement. Experience the power of real-time, personalized marketing with XPO.

Killer UX Design: A User-Focused Experience

When it comes to the UX/UI level of XPO, I highly recommend it for users with zero XPO experience, including myself as a first-time user. The product interface has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that users can effortlessly achieve their goals with minimal obstacles—a truly frictionless experience.

Killer UX Designers contribute to this value innovation by implementing the following principles: ​

  1. Streamlined Navigation: The site has been restructured to facilitate smooth user navigation, ensuring that users can find what they need quickly and easily.

  2. Clear User-Product Interaction: The interface promotes clear and intuitive interactions between users and the product, minimizing confusion and enhancing usability.

  3. Effective Use of Pages & Pop-ups: Pages and pop-ups are utilized strategically, providing relevant information and guidance without overwhelming the user.

  4. Strong Visual Hierarchy & Consistent Design: A strong visual hierarchy is implemented, guiding users' attention and emphasizing key elements. Consistent design elements across the platform contribute to a cohesive and polished user experience.

  5. Appropriate Terminology: Each feature is labeled with the right words, ensuring that users can easily understand and engage with the functionalities provided.

  6. Enhanced Site Speed: The site itself has been optimized for speed, minimizing loading times and providing a seamless browsing experience.

​With a focus on killer UX design, XPO prioritizes user satisfaction and ease of use, enabling users to unlock the full potential of the platform effortlessly.


Restructuring the Site: Card Sorting for Improved Information Architecture

Using the card sorting method, we refined the information architecture (IA) of the site. Before delving into the IA itself, we started by organizing the sitemap, which provides a simplified overview of the site's structure.

We involved five participants. They actively engaged in a 20-minute card sorting activity, categorizing topics based on their own understanding. They were also encouraged to suggest new categories or additional products/features based on their insights.

Please note that the resulting sitemap from this card sorting session is not prioritized. The primary goal was to gather diverse perspectives and valuable insights to guide the restructuring of the site's information architecture.


Final Sitemap

Screenshot 2019-05-23 at 5.26.58 PM.png

Wireframes Image

topic new feature.png

Wireframes Video


Please note that the video includes other screens as well.

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