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Grab App Redesign Personal Project, 2017


Grab, a popular ride-hailing company, is known for its distinctive green brand color, which helps differentiate its taxis from others. However, recent articles discussing the safety of car colors have sparked some ideas.


An interesting study conducted by the National University of Singapore suggests that yellow taxis have fewer accidents compared to blue taxis. The analysis, conducted over three years using data from a Singaporean taxi company, indicates that the higher visibility of yellow vehicles makes it easier for other drivers to avoid accidents. On average, yellow taxis were involved in 6.1 fewer accidents per 1,000 taxis per month compared to blue taxis (65.6 accidents vs. 71.7 accidents).

Color Decision

Based on my research, it appears that yellow is considered the safest color for cars. Given the importance of safety, why not consider using yellow for Grab? The visibility aspect highlighted in the study supports this choice, as the color yellow stands out on the road and aids in alertness. Additionally, yellow is often associated with optimism, which aligns well with Grab's involvement in the sharing economy and its potential to foster a positive impact on society.

By adopting the color yellow, Grab can not only enhance safety but also evoke a sense of optimism among its users. This decision reflects the company's commitment to promoting safety and its aspirations for a brighter future through shared mobility.


Wireframes For Booking A Ride


Interface Design

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