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New Acronis Support Portal Acronis, 2022-2023


At Acronis, we are committed to enhancing our product offerings to cater to our customers' evolving needs and delivering top-notch user experiences. As a Product Designer, I took on the responsibility of spearheading the development of the new Acronis Support Portal, a platform that aimed to streamline support-related interactions for Acronis customers. This project marked a significant milestone in Acronis' mission to provide seamless and efficient customer support.


1. Fragmented Support Experience

The existing support ecosystem was fragmented, with customers needing to navigate between various consoles for different support resources. This resulted in a disjointed user experience and confusion among users.

2. Lack of Single Sign-On

Acronis users had to manage multiple sets of credentials to access various support-related resources, which was inconvenient and increased the likelihood of password-related issues.

3. Limited Availability

The legacy support portal was primarily available to a specific user group, limiting the reach and utility of the platform. Expanding its availability to other user types was necessary to meet the diverse needs of Acronis customers.


How Issues Were Resolved

🧠 Understanding Users: Collaborated with the PM and Customer Support team to delve into user experiences, gathering insights on their challenges, needs, and behaviors.

📝 Defining Challenges: Using the research findings, we pinpointed critical issues: fragmented support, lack of Single Sign-On, and restricted accessibility, laying the foundation for our design strategy.

💭 Creative Solutions: We unleashed our creativity, envisioning a fresh Support Portal that harmonized support functions, introduced Single Sign-On for user convenience, and mapped out a gradual expansion plan.

🎨 Prototyping and Refinement: Through visual mockups, we fine-tuned the user interface and experience, refining it through multiple iterations guided by user feedback.

🧪 Testing and Validation: We conducted internal testing with stakeholders and colleagues, continually enhancing the platform based on their input.

Part of the journey during the development of the New Support Portal, in one of the iterations.

Purposes and Outcomes

1. Streamlined Support

The primary purpose of the project was to create a unified and streamlined support experience. The new Acronis Support Portal achieved this by consolidating support-related functions into a single location. As a result, customers could effortlessly manage their support tickets, access resources, and contact support, leading to increased user satisfaction and efficiency.

2. Enhanced User Convenience

Implementing Single Sign-On simplified user access to the portal, making it more convenient and secure. This led to a reduction in login-related issues and improved user adoption of the platform.

3. Future Expansion

The project laid the foundation for future phases, including the gradual expansion of the Support Portal's availability to various user groups. This would ensure that Acronis customers across different segments could benefit from the enhanced support experience.


The Acronis Support Portal Redesign project marked a significant advancement in providing Acronis customers with a more efficient and cohesive support experience. As the Product Designer, I played a central role in crafting the platform's user interface and experience, focusing on user convenience and satisfaction. The project's successful implementation demonstrated my expertise in designing solutions that bridge the gap between complex support systems and user-friendly interfaces while ensuring security and scalability.

This project aligns with my commitment to delivering superior user experiences and my ability to address complex challenges through effective product design.

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